is AMAZING! Versatile, Customizable, Affordable, & Safe!

Thanks to the awesome mindset of Char we now have yet another amazing tool to set us apart and expand our services in the wellness industry. I’ll admit I was skeptical at first, but you really have to experience this to know that it truly works like no other modality out there. So happy to be able to offer a safe & holistic service that works with the body. Love the results that my clients and I am getting. And the RELAX mode is just “Ahhhh” Happy owner!”

— Christy Siverhus, Owner
Bella Holistics Skin Studio
North Agusta, SC

Sculpt has been a great addition!


It fits right in with my philosophy of Holistic Skin and Body care. I love that I am able to offer my clients a non-invasive alternative to body sculpting and muscle toning! I have been seeing great results with my series clients when they add Sculpt into their already healthy lifestyle. It gives that last push needed to really tackle those trouble spots that won’t budge with proper diet and exercise alone.”

— Shelly, Spa Owner

Best machine out there!


Not only does Sculpt make your body look more beautiful after each and every treatment, but it also tones and lifts muscles. My clients also enjoy the relax function...which is incredible at giving deep therapeutic relaxation to the muscles. I am even seeing bodybuilder clients to help them get better muscle cuts. I am so happy I got this machine, it has really enhanced my own health and that of my clients and my business!”

 — Stacey, Owner
Sweet Lemon Spa
Dallas, TX

Sculpt your way to a new you!


We are a new holistic spa and decided to kick off our spa with +Sculpt as our first device. We did not want anything harmful not only with our make up and skincare but also with any treatments or machines. We are just getting started but are loving results. If you follow the protocols, you will see movement in areas that tend to remain stubborn even with diet and exercise. My husband and I along with our clients are seeing results. Drink your water, eat well and exercise along with +Sculpt and you will see the body change you have been seeking.”

— Pamela "Ela" Williams, Owner
Spa Stella Maris
Roanoke, VA

The secret to lose inches!

The secret to losing inches of unwanted fat is not to destroy fat cells, but to detox and strengthen the body. This will increase your clients overall health. The osmosis sculpt machine is a fantastic vehicle to help your clients find long term solutions to unwanted fat while working with the body and not against it. This machine falls in line with my philosophy as an aesthetician that has taken a holistic approach to skin care. It has created more credibility for myself as a wellness professional and made a bottom line impact for my business. Thank you to the fantastic osmosis sculpt team. You guys are awesome!”

— Susanne Siemonsen, Owner
Skin Therapy, Inc.
Bethesda, MD

The confidence shines through!

I'm proud to say I am the first salon in Colorado to have +Sculpt. I have clients that have done full packages which allows them to maintain healthy bodies, but equally as important, confidence! They love the fact that it is not invasive and healthful to their regime. Striking the match for better results to an already amazing way of life.”

— Michelle McManus, Owner
Habitual Salon & Skincare
Lakewood, CO



This device is amazing!! I'm so happy I decided to invest in the Sculpt because it delivers results!! I love it and my clients love it!!!”

— Sara

Outstanding results in short time!


The device has been incredible for my business. It certainly does lift and tone and detox. I have had several clients on this unit, myself and employee included with incredible results. Thank you for creating a safe unit so we can achieve this sculpting/toning/detoxing goals without harming our bodies or our planet!”

— Lisa

Yay Sculpt!

I am so happy I took the leap and added Sculpt to my business. It has amazing results and gives your clients an opportunity to really empower themselves. You can see visible results in just one treatment, and with a series it is truly amazing.”

— Allegra
    Maverick Studio Salon
    Denver, CO

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