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Holistic Body Detox & Sculpting

Who is the ideal candidate
for Osmosis +Sculpt?

  • Health-conscious, active men or women over the age of 18 with small areas to tone and tighten; abs, back, thighs, buttocks and upper arm.

  • Someone who is looking to amplify their diet and exercise efforts while being kind to their body.

  • Not intended for weight loss or to treat disease. Any medical problems would require a physician’s approval letter. Your provider will discuss this with you.

What are the benefits and uses?

  • Can be done as single treatment for light detox or as a series for more dramatic results.

  • Strengthens and tones the muscle for a beautiful look to the body.

  • Can be repeated over and over without any harm to the skin and nerves.

  • By encouraging detox, enlarged fat cells can return to their normal size.

  • Can increase stamina, endurance and athletic ability.

  • Increased ATP production is an added plus for the athletic person.

  • For leaner people, increased definition of muscles.

  • Use before big events to feel more confident.

  • Use before or after travel or holidays to feel less bloated.

  • Unit has unique relaxation mode for soothing and relaxing tight muscles — even knots in the shoulders, pure heaven!

  • Treatments are generally 30 minutes.

  • 1–2 treatments are great for a light detox.

  • A series of 10 or more is recommended for dramatic and longer lasting results.

How long are treatments?

How many are needed?

Are results permanent?

  • Results are semi-permanent depending on health habits and lifestyle.

  • CONSISTENCY is the KEY to lasting results.

  • The experience of improvement upon the initial treatment is very encouraging.

What about maintenance?

  • Maintenance is based on individual goals and lifestyle.

  • It is suggested to continue or adopt an exercise program.

  • Osmosis +Sculpt treatments are not harmful to the body and can be repeated as needed.

  • Additional full-series treatments can resume/repeat at any time.

  • Touch-ups and detox treatments are a great compliment to healthy living and cleanses.

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