“Can you imagine how rewarding it feels to help your clients
gain confidence while building a successful business?”

I began my career in sales for a major cosmetic company.  For more than fifteen years I worked with hundreds of women to inspire and encourage them to success in the beauty business.   I have been an entrepreneur, investor and successful stock and options trader for more than 20 years.


In Jan of 2013, my life would take a major turn. Still reeling from the loss of my husband and becoming a widow at only 47 yrs old, I decided to get out of the house and experience a beautiful Colorado day of road biking. I could feel the sunshine and air in my hair. I remember saying to myself, “I’m laughing again! I feel like a child!” when suddenly a car would run a stop sign and change my life forever. An accident that would break my face in three places and put me at risk for permanent scarring and disfiguration.


The day that started with much needed laughter and fun, would end with emergency care and reconstructive surgery two weeks later on Valentines Day.


I felt defeated.

Little did I realize the God had a different plan for my life.


A year later, I watched one side of my face slowly change. Traditional surgery had failed me and the much dreaded side effect of nerve damage, tissue loss and drooping of the facial tissue had begun appearing. Out of desperation I began searching for help before it processed any further. In my quest to heal, I became fascinated with the miracles of micro-current and electric therapy. I learned it had been used successfully for decades not only in athletic performance but muscle recovery and strength but also rehabilitation of both face and body. I began my search and experimenting on my own body. The results were so astounding that I began to think, “what if I built the most amazing device, pushed the limits, and bring to market a machine that could produce real results using holistic methods but that could compete with surgical methods.” So I gathered the most innovative respected engineer in the industry and contracted him to custom build my dream. As we began our drawings, I decided that I should seek out someone who could help me fine tune the final frequencies and signals to be used. Four months later partnered with a doctor who would do just that. Finally in Jan 2017 the first of our Holistic Body Device was produced.


Now we are positioned with 2 years of proven results through hundreds of photos and testimonies of clients to dominate and corner the market for inspiring “Confidence” into every woman who dares to be seen. Shining a light on her potential and her unique beauty.


We are the brand behind every beautiful body….

We are the brand for YOUR beautiful body.


I can't wait to meet YOU in person,



Char Fontanills

Founder & CEO Confidence by Char

Exclusive distributor of Osmosis +Sculpt

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