Spas & Destination Resorts

  • Effective as a stand-alone service to offer customers preparing for big events such as weddings or special engagements.

  • Single treatments are used to help guests feel better, helps with bloating and feeling over-indulged.

Estheticians, Wellness Centers & Holistic Practices

  • A series of treatments is a wonderful way to establish a loyal client base (repeat business).

  • Offering a unique service is effective and in-line with the market demand for healthy alternatives.

  • A variety of quality Osmosis Supplements which compliment the treatments provide additional and re-order income opportunities.

Physicians, Dermatologists & Medical Spas

  • Compliments other modalities.

  • Supports ATP production.

  • Strengthens and tones skin and muscles.

  • Creates opportunity to have clients visit the office regularly.

  • Increases exposure to retail product sales and services.

Massage Therapists

  • Unique “Relaxation Mode” melts sore knots and prepares the body for a better massage experience.

  • Not offered on any existing equipment on the market today.

  • Sets the practice apart from competitors — great marketing opportunity!

Health Clubs, Gyms & Personal Trainers

  • Lean clients notice increased muscle definition.

  • Perfect for preparing for Body competitions, model opportunities.

  • Increased stamina and endurance.

  • Attractive benefit for competitive athletes.

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